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HireReach: Better Fit. Less Turnover. More Diversity
Discover how organizations are finding better candidates and making smarter hiring decisions with a skills-based hiring process. HireReach provides a five-month virtual academy that gives organizations the tools and support to develop and implement a process proven to reduce first-year turnover, reduce time to fill and increase the size and diversity of their talent pool.

Join us for this webinar to learn more about the HireReach program and answer these questions and more:

How can Evidence-Based Selection be used as a model for skills-based hiring?
How skills-based hiring can increase the size and diversity of your talent pool?
How does an evidence-based selection reduce noise and bias in the hiring process?
How can Evidence-Based Selection support diversity and inclusion goals?
What is HireReach?
How does HireReach support employers in implementing a skills-based hiring process?
What training and supports are provided through HireReach?
Is our organization ready to participate?
How does our organization get involved in HireReach?

Who should attend: This webinar is especially helpful for talent acquisition specialists, HR leaders, or HR/TA members, and executive leadership.


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